Thursday, January 29, 2009


Let me start this post by telling you how much I love, Love, LOVE my husband. He is such a great support to me and did an awesome job taking care of Sasha and the house while I was gone. But just in case you were thinking of asking your husband to take over the laundry duties, I thought I should give you a warning . . .

Last time I checked a hanger like that was meant for pants or a skirt.

I do actually have a drawer in our very large, very expensive armoire for my PJ's, but they ended up on the top shelf in my closet.
Don't get me wrong, I am most certainly NOT complaining! It is really nice to have someone take care of this stuff for me, especially when I am on the road. It just makes me laugh. But hey, if I was in charge of laundry we would have to label the baskets 'clean' and 'dirty' so we could tell what was suitable to wear. Suffice it to say, I'm kind of spoiled by having a husband that does most of the cleaning. But I make most of the money, so it's totally a trade off I can live with for now.

Oh, and here's my sweet girl snoozing while I pack for our first family vacation. We're going to St. George. Clear skies and sun, here we come!!!
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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

Just want to give a shout out to my pops. Happy Birthday Dad! Can't wait to see you this weekend to celebrate!

Isn't he a good lookin' guy?

I get to come home today!!!

I get to go home and see my girl today! This trip seemed to last FOREVER! Last night I was talking to Josh on the phone and he put it on speaker so Sasha could hear me. She could hear me and kept looking around for me, but couldn't see me. She had the biggest smile on her face! Josh took these pictures and sent them to me to get me through one more night away from home. I'm just glad I'm not in Kentucky with my boss. He's stuck there for probably another couple of days. Poor guy. Thought I'd share the pics with you . . . She's so cute!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Another fun distraction . . .

This one from Whitney.
Go to google, type in your name and the word needs after it. Then post the first five things that come up. Whitney thought it was bad that she shares a first name with Whitney Houston the crack addict. Well just see what happens when you share a first name (exact spelling) with Lindsay Lohan . . .

1. Tonight- skinny Lindsay needs some food (ha! the last thing I need is food right now!)
2. Now Lindsay needs a bra (well this is very true since my boobs are now back up to a 36 D. Thanks Dr. Sellers, I'll be seeing you again in a few years!)
3. Lindsay needs love (this one is true. My loves are at home and I need them!)
4. Lindsay needs to stop wearing fur! (Uh hello, have you felt how cold it is outside? A girl's gotta stay warm!)
5. Lindsay needs new booze sponsor for her birthday bash (Well, the beer companies do have a lot of money and I'm sure they could throw me a great party. Though 90% of the guests would still be sober at the end of the night. . . do you think they'd mind?)
6. Lindsay needs to go to rehab (I know I was only supposed to post five, but #6 was just too good to pass up!)

For further distraction I thought I would do this for Josh and Sasha . . .

1. Josh needs a holiday or just a cuddle (lucky boy is getting both on Thursday!)
2. Josh needs some way to let off some steam other than either insulting his staff in a thank you speech or yelling at everyone about the numbers not adding up (oookaaay)
3. Josh needs help (well we know that!)
4. Josh needs a scholarship (sure would take care of those pesky student loans . . . though I don't hold out much hope for him)
5. Josh needs extra lovin' to keep his mind off ScarJo (that better be some kind of video game!)

1. Sasha needs a cocktail (a Similac cocktail. Though right about now Daddy might be considering adding some rum to the bottle)
2. Sasha needs attention (and she is very good at getting that attention!)
3. Sasha needs a good home (hey, she has one!)
4. I think Sasha needs more minutes (she's going to need lots of them when she becomes a teenager and has a million boys chasing after her)
5. Sasha needs ice cream (if she's anything like her mother, this will be a very important part of her future)

That was kinda fun. You should give it a try. C'mon, you know you want to!

A much needed distraction

Thanks for the fun idea Stacy! Check it out on

What a morning!

Well I woke up this morning -late because I set the alarm for 6:15 PM - to discover that I didn't pack any clean underwear, nylons AND MY MAKEUP!!! I have foundation but that is it. I don 't look very cute au natural, but its too late to go to the store cause my meeting starts in 30 minutes and I have to do my hair! I am way out of practice for traveling. Argh!!!

I made it to Portland

Okay, I actually got out of the house, to the airport, and on the plane. So far I'm OK. I started to cry as I was holding Sasha right before I left. Poor Josh. He asked why I never cried when I left him. The truth is, I cry a little each time I have to leave. Leaving that sweet little thing is just not easy. Oh the sacrifices I am making for this girl. I know she could care less about where we live, but it is really important to me that she grow up in a good neighborhood with good friends and we live in the BEST neighborhood- I love our neighbors and their kids. I just have to take this as motivation to kick butt at my job and get things paid off so that I can do something else that doesn't take me so far away so often.
Speaking of that something else . . .I have decided to being pursuing my dream of being an event planner. If you know of anyone getting married or throwing a major bash (anniversary party, business event, birthday party- whatever. No event is too large or too small) my services are extremely cheap! Since I am starting out I won't charge very much but I will assist in throwing the best party your money can buy! Most planners charge about 20% of the cost of the event, I am only charging 5% for now. I'm sure this won't make it worth my time yet, but I am willing to do it for next to nothing in order to build a portfolio. I have a serious passion for bringing people together to celebrate, no matter what the occasion. So spread the word and let me know!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


In about 24 hours from now I have to leave to the airport and be away from my sweet baby girl for three days!!! I almost had a total panic attack in the grocery store when I realized it was coming so close. I have to go on a business trip to Oregon 'til Wednesday. :( I'm not at all worried about Josh- he will be fine. His mom is coming to watch Sasha during the day and he'll be just fine at night I am sure. But I'm going to be SO LONELY!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Queen Bee Tea

This looks like so much fun. Even though Sasha isn't big enough to go, I am totally going!

(Props to Kirsten for the totally awesome photography!)

We are excited to announce our fundraiser for 2009, the "Queen Bee Tea." This fundraiser will be held on February 28, 2009 at 12:00 pm at La Caille ( Tickets will be on sale through until February 14, 2009 or until sold out. The cost is $30 (Adult) and $25 (Child) which includes lunch, drinks, and entertainment.
We will be featuring many of the Queens from Utah's cities who will perform their talents and share their life experiences. You will also be entertained by the 'Radio Disney Dancers' throughout the afternoon. This will be a great event for Mothers and Daughters, Sisters, and friends. You are encouraged, but not obligated, to dress for the occasion. Fairy God Mothers are also welcome. Also included is a silent and live auction for all things princess.
The purpose for this tea is to not only raise general funds for Project Lemonade, but to specifically begin a scholarship fund. These scholarships will be given to underprivileged children to use in community activities.Some of these activities will include community sports, art programs (both visual and performing) and general education programs. These will be awarded to underprivileged children based on scholastic achievement and commitment principals.
We look forward to sharing this magical event with you.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

From the Blog Jar

I had an urge to blog, but nothing specific to blog about. Yes, of course Sasha is beautiful and growing, but you already know that! So I pulled a stick from the blog jar and away we go.

Top 10 Items on Your "Bucket List" (These aren't necessarily my top ten, but here are ten things on my list)

10. Visit Italy
9. Take a photography class
8. Go to Disney with my brothers and our families
7. Learn to play the piano
6. See a musical on Broadway
5. Buy something at Tiffany & Co.
4. Go on a scrapbook retreat
3. Visit all the islands of Hawaii (already got two done!)
2. Stay in a hotel room overlooking Central Park in NYC
1. Plan a fundraiser for a good cause

What's on your bucket list?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A New Page in History

What an incredible day in our history. I have never watched a presidential inauguration until today, but I have to say that I am very proud to be alive during this great time. It is truly awesome to see our first black president and I can't wait to see the first woman president- whoever that may be. I am excited to see what President Obama does in the next 4 years. I appreciate that he is calling all Americans to responsibility. Fingers have been pointed in all directions lately and it is nice to see someone encouraging all of us to step up and take responsibility for our actions and our decisions. That is a theme that I hope will stick during the next four years and beyond. I also hope the Bush family will finally enjoy some peace and quiet. Whether you liked President Bush or not or agreed with the decisions he made, he is a great man that dealt with a lot over the last 8 years. It is certainly not a job that I want but I admire the men that have stepped up and taken the job and done the best they could with what they had.
God Bless America!

Friday, January 16, 2009

A mother obsessed - Part 2

I just can't get enough of this girl's smiles!!!
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A mother obsessed- Part one

Time flies by too fast when you have kids. In the past I have always been the "I can't wait for _____" person. Never living in the moment. Well this past year has changed that for me and I am truly living in the moment and enjoying every minute of it. I'm very excited for Sasha to grow up and start walking, and talking, play sports, take her skiing, take dance lessons, go to school, all of it. But if I sit around waiting for all that to happen then I will miss all the wonderful things that are happening NOW! So thank goodness for technology and my groovy camera that lets me take tons of pictures and videos like this one.
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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Calling all my girlfriends!

Have you heard? The book Confessions of a Shopaholic is going to be a movie and it's coming out on February 13th- we must have a girls night to go see it!!! I love these books. If you haven't read them then I will let you borrow them.
We'll put on our cutest shoes and hit the town!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

More Christmas Pics

More fun Christmas pictures!!!
Me and all my spices
My mom and her pretty new jewelry

Chris and his movie Spaceballs from Mandi

Our new knife set!!!

Good morning to me! Opening my nice new perfume from Josh

Sasha opening her stocking (it's kind of hard to tell, but all she got was a cute little stuffed reindeer.)

Josh's stocking- he has had this teddy bear stocking FOREVER and insists on keeping it. I keep telling him I could put more in a real stocking, but he's attached to this teddy bear.

Josh opening his presents- the new Offspring CD and some movies.
We really had a good Christmas this year. Our best gift was little Sasha of course!

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Sasha and her Daddy

Sasha Update

I've been really bad at posting lately,life is just too busy! Here are some more recent pics of Sasha. She is six weeks tomorrow!!! I can't believe she is already almost two months old. It is so weird! But we are starting to get into the swing of things. If only Josh wasn't an insomniac! Once he gets woken up at night he is up, it is very hard for him to go back to sleep. So that's been an adjustment, but other than that things are great. I just can't wait until he takes the iron lock off the door and I can start to take Sasha out with me. I just know she's going to be my little shopping buddy! Sure it will make our outings a little more complicated, but that's okay. I hope you enjoy these pictures! I have a couple videos that I will try to post next. :)

She really likes to smile for her daddy!
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Dinner with the Nappi's

We went to dinner with our great friends Wes, Wendi and Vincent Nappi a couple of days after Christmas. We went to the new Mikado in Bountiful. If you have never been there and/or you like sushi (Sabrina I'm talking to you girl!) you should really go there! If you're not a sushi lover (like me) I recommend the Bento Box, ribs, tempura veggies entree or the beef tenderloin entree . . . all very good! Here are some pics of the cute Nappi family!

Vincent has his daddy's charms . . .watch out girls!!!
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Monday, January 5, 2009


The holidays are over. I'm kind of sad about that. I love the holidays, though this year they were definitely a little different. I'm such a social person so having to stay home most of the time was a little hard for me. Josh went to his family party and Sasha and I stayed home. I know it's all for the best, but it was still kind of hard. My mom and Chris came over Christmas morning and we had our now traditional Christmas breakfast of bacon/ham, egg, and cheese crepes. It was yummy! It was pretty much just another day of eating, sleeping and pooping for Sasha, but she sure looked cute in the Christmas outfit Grandma DeEtte gave her. We had a webcam Christmas with my brothers Ryan and Scott and their families. Well, we tried anyway. It didn't work out quite as smoothly as we had hoped. First, Chris' computer took FOREVER to load. By the time we got it working Scott and his family had to leave for other Christmas parties and Sasha fell asleep. But we got to see the kids open their presents, which was fun. Then we chatted for a while and looked at cute cousins Sasha and Violette. It was a pretty calm day. My dad and Joni came for Christmas the Saturday before, they had decided to head back to their place in Mesquite for Christmas for a little peace and quiet.
Christmas Eve Sasha went to see Grandma Pat and Grandma Ruby. G-Pat had only seen pictures of my beautiful girl so it was fun to spend a few hours with her. Grandma was very excited to see her and just couldn't stop staring at her! She's still working on a nickname for the little gal, but whatever it is, it will be great. Great, but not better than my nickname- Nell. My mom called me Nella Prunella. Don't ask me where it came from, but somehow it stuck.
New Year's was pretty boring. I think we were all in bed by 11:00. We did wake up when we heard the neighbors lighting fireworks, but that's about it. We're pretty boring NYE people, but that's ok. New Year's Day was much more exciting. Josh and I went shopping and stocked up on Christmas decorations. With all the lights we bought we now have enough to decorate the Griswold's house three times over and we got a ton of new ornaments. We saved about $200 on all the stuff we got- how cool is that!!! Everything was so cheap! Sure there wasn't a huge selection, but we still got some really nice stuff. I think that will be a new tradition for us.
Friday was the big game, and boy was it awesome!!! I did not expect the Utes to play as well as they did against 'Bama, but boy did we show the world what Utah football can do! Hopefully BYU will come through next year and both teams will get into the BCS and prove that we can play with the so-called 'big boys' of college football. Me likes a good football game!
Enjoy the photos. It's hard to believe she's 5 weeks old! I CAN'T WAIT to take her out with me! I'm such a pick-up-and-go person that the biggest adjustment has been having to wait until Josh gets home to go run any errands. Stupid RSV. You know, it only effects like 2% of all infants, which is SO low, but it's just not worth the risk. I would be so heartbroken for her to get sick just cause I wanted to go window shopping. So we wait . . .
Want to know the best way to get a whole bunch of new kitchen stuff for Christmas? Invite your mom and Grandma over to cook Thanksgiving dinner at your house. Mine saw that we had almost no spices (and what we did have was AT LEAST 8 years old), a crappy knife set and an assortment of used pots and pans. So what did we get for Christmas??? A ton of new spices, a REALLY NICE set of pots and pans and a 15 piece knife set. Not to mention the two cookbooks I got from Joni and Amberly. I'm a domestic diva now, baby!!!

Sasha chillin' in her usual spot- the bouncy chair. And looking so cute in her Christmas outfit!