Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Thoughts

Just a few things that have made me smile lately . . .

I love bedding. I usually want to change my bedding every 6 months or so. Maybe it's the change of the seasons, or maybe I just can't commit. But with so many gorgeous colors and designs out there how can a girl choose just ONE?
This little diddy is just too bright not to love! Though I don't know what I would do with all those little drawers, I still want one!
This would be so much fun to transform into a little jewelry box for Sasha. Heaven knows I have enough crap to give it a new makeover every week!
I am loving the color yellow lately!!! And I love scarves so this is the perfect combination for me.

Day 25

Day 25- A picture of your day.

Well this technically should have been last Wednesday but I can barely remember yesterday, let alone last Wednesday! So I'll show you a picture of my day today.

Getting on one of these-
To fly here-

Then pick up one of these
Even though I'd rather be driving one of these-

Yup today starts a loooooong week for work in California. I can't complain I'd rather be working in California than, say, the Dakota's or anywhere tornado's are happening. But I'll miss my two favorite people. :(

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 24

Day 24- A picture of something you wish you could change.

This is a picture of one of the chairs at my breakfast table, and I REALLY want to change them. Okay so I know that I have the power to change these . . . I even have the fabric picked out. But the skills to do it myself? Maybe. The guts to even try doing it myself? Not yet.
This is the fabric I want to put on them, laminated so that spills and drips (which rarely happen with my two year old. ha!) can just wipe right off but my chairs still look gorgeous. I also want to paint the chairs, table and buffet piece (which you can sort of see in the background of this pic) white.

I just love how bright and colorful this fabric is!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Kangaroo Zoo

We had some fun with Aunt Mandi last week at Kangaroo Zoo. A really great place to take your kids if they have lots of energy to burn off! This may even be the site for Sasha's next birthday, since we can't ever do anything outside.
 Climbing to the top of the slide, all by herself. Daddy would be so proud.

 Love her in this one.
 She does not look 2 in this picture! She looks more like 5 to me. STOP GROWING SO FAST!
That face just explains it all. Pure joy. I love this kid!

Day 23

Day 23- A picture of your favorite book
This is my absolute, all-time, most favorite book ever. I have been in love with this book since I was a kid, probably 3rd or 4th grade when I read it for the first time. I just love little Matilda and how clever she is. I think I related to her in a few ways. I'm waiting until Sasha gets a little bit older to read it to her but I hope she likes it just as much as I did.
No, I didn't like the movie.

Day 22

Day 22- A picture of something you wish you were better at.
I really wish I could play the piano. I can plunk out a few, easy tunes, but someday I would really love to be able to play. Like, anything I felt like. I wish I could have stuck with lessons when I was younger but it just didn't work out. Taking up lessons is on my list of things to do, most definitely.

Day 21

Day 21- A picture of something you wish you could forget
Hammer pants.
Comfy? Yes.
Fashionable? Not on any level.
Did I want some? Not telling.

Day 20

Day 20- A picture of somewhere you would love to travel
You already know that NYC is at the top of my travel list, but next in line is Paris . . . Texas. Ha ha! Just kidding! Paris France actually. It's such a beautiful and romantic city. I would love to spend days just wandering the streets to see what kind of adventures they bring me.

Day 19

Day 19- A picture and a letter

Okay this doesn't really say who the letter should be written to so I'm going to write it to my daughter. (No comments on the butt shot, okay?!)
Dear Sasha,
When I came to this challenge in my 30 Days of Me blog posts I knew immediately which picture I wanted to use and who I wanted to write to. This is a picture of you on my back, climbing up a slide at Kangaroo Zoo. That was a fun night! But this isn't just a picture of a fun time you had with your mom, I think its kind of symbolic actually.
You have so much potential for your life. Right now you are only 2 years old and the possibilities for you are endless! And as much joy as there will be in your life (I will do my best to provide you with as much of it as I can) life is also an uphill climb, kind of like this slide. Sometimes you're going uphill and its hard. You might slip and fall or stumble a little bit, but you will always get back up. You  keep moving up until you reach your goal and you enjoy the thrill that it brings you as you slide along to your next challenge. But you are never alone. Just like in this picture I will always be there, climbing, slipping, stumbling and getting back up right there with you. Sometimes I will walk beside you or watch from behind, and other times you may need me to carry you on my back. I will be there to share any pains or heartaches you encounter and I will always be there to share in the joy of your triumphs. I love you so much and I am excited to be a part of the awesome adventure that is your life.
Love, Mom

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 18

Day 18- A picture of your biggest insecurity
I think I'm a likable person. Most of the time I'm pretty sure of myself. But sometimes I hang back or don't speak up because I think people think I'm obnixious. Okay maybe not Rosie O'Donnell obnoxious, probably not even Snookie obnoxious, but one of those people that, when they walk into the room, people give each other that "look" like, "Oh great SHE'S here". I don't want to be obnoxious, but for some reason I have this little voice in my head that will sometimes say "Nobody really cares what you have to say." or "they don't really want you here, they just invited you because they feel bad for you." So . . . not really sure how I get over that but I do have a handful of people in my life that I know love me and like to hang out with me, so I'm okay.

Day 17

Day 17- A picture of something that has made a huge impact on your life recently.

Okay so this picture isn't really descriptive but it's the current FB profile pic for the Oakridge Community Girl's Club group page. About a year ago my friend Kirsten and I were talking about how we need to get the women in our area together more. We know each other but we don't really "know" each other that well. So we formed the OCGC. We get together once a month at different people's houses and do different things. Sometimes we just eat the snacks everyone brings and talks, we go out to dinner or see movies, just whatever sounds like fun. There are some really great women in our area and I feel so blessed to have had the chance to get to know them better. I definitely feel closer to more of them than I was before. I hope that the other women in the group like it as much as I do. They keep showing up, so I guess that means yes? :) It's so nice to live close to so many women that I know I can count on anytime. If I need something, a friend, a babysitter or just someone to talk to I know I can call on any of these women and they will be there for me. I hope they know that I would do the same for them in a second!

So here's my suggestion to you . . . if you feel like you don't know the people you live near very well or are looking for something like this in your life- create it! Chances are there are other people near you that would benefit from something like this just as much as you would, and maybe they need it more than you do. So don't just sit around wishing for someone to start a group like this, just do it. Pick a date, time and location. Print up a little flier and take them around to everyone's door or mailbox and wait to see who shows up. Then once you have a group gathered have a sign up sheet for hosting duties and let everyone pick a month. Understand that not everyone will be able to attend every month and that's okay. No one should take it personally if they have a smaller group at their house. Our lives are busy and sometimes we just can't do it all, but it's nice to know that if you missed this month, there is always the next. Also get everyone's email address, cell # and find out who is on Facebook. Those are the main ways I communicate with our group. We have the FB group that they can join and I create invites and send out messages from there. I also send emails for those that don't FB. And I send out texts usually the day before or day of an activity to remind people. It doesn't have to be complicated or overwhelming. Like I said, a lot of times we end up just hanging out, eating yummy food and getting to know each other. Keep it simple and the fun will come.

This month we're having a project night at my house. Everyone brings whatever projects they are currently working on, or want to start and it's a kid-free couple of hours to get some stuff done. If you don't have a project, come anyway! Talk, relax and keep the rest of us company. I plan to finally finish scrapping our Hawaii pictures and maybe do Sasha's birthday pics. We'll see.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 16

Day 16- A picture of someone who inspires you.

Holy cow I could go on for days and days with at least 5 pictures for every single one of these posts! Okay so here is just one of the people that inspire me.
My friend Melissa. She has more creativity in her pinky finger than I have in the entire left side of my body. And she's smart, too. It's just not fair! Anytime I have a design or craft idea I have to email Melissa first to see if I'm crazy or if my plan to complete the project sounds right or not. I seriously would not get any projects done if not for Melissa, and I don't do them without running them past her first!

Day 15

Day 15- A picture of something you want to do before you die

Another veeeeerrrrrrrrryyyyyyy long list, but right up on top is to visit here:
 Stay here:
 In a room overlooking:
There's a huge list following everything I would do in NYC after staying a night in The Plaza Hotel in a room overlooking Central Park, but that is on the very, very top. Sigh. Someday. :)

Day 14

Day 14- A picture of someone you could never imagine your life without.

This one was tough to narrow down. There are a lot of people in my life I couldn't live without but I'm trying to use different people for each of these posts. I don't like repeats.

My SIL Pam. Without her I would have crappy hair. Seriously. I know there are other good stylists out there, but this lady can work magic with scissors. She can also be the voice of reason when I'm not sure how to handle a problem or need to just let something go. She's an awesome mom and way fun to go on trips with! She has an awesome sense of style and that woman can shop an estate sale like no other! Pam- you rock!

Day 13

Day 13- A picture of your favorite band or artist.

Not only does he make great music, I just like to look at him. . .

My newest favorite song of his.