Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Job Update

Yes, I have a job! I actually got the offer a little bit ago, but we've been on vacation so I wasn't able to post. :S So, I will be working for a company called Fiserv. Most of you have no idea what company that is or what they do, but at least I won't have to explain that I work for Fidelity-not-Fidelity-Investments-but-a-different-Fidelity-that-does-banking-technology-stuff anymore. Fiserv is actually a competitor (the biggest) of my old company and they do pretty much the same stuff, just more of it. I'll be doing a little bit of sales but mostly supporting salespeople that do what I used to do . . . you know, extensive traveling, meeting with clients, meeting sales quota's, etc. I will be traveling much, much less, just to the occasional conference or user group meeting. I can work in the office or work from home, which is a very nice thing. It is a pay cut from what I used to get, but should hopefully be a stress cut as well so I don't mind. :) I start on January 4th and I'm excited. It will be great to have a new challenge and meet new people. I still miss a lot of my old co-workers, but hopefully they will still be nice to me, even though I'm "working for the enemy."

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Sasha!

Someone at the party told me that if I keep up this level of party for my daughter, by her 18th birthday I'll be speaking to them all from the front of an airplane saying "Okay everyone, thank you for coming to Sasha's birthday party. Please buckle up and settle into the first class cabin. We'll be landing in Europe in about 17 hours." I didn't think I went that overboard! You be the judge. I had a great time putting everything together and I think it turned out to be pretty fun.

I love this banner! I think it will be used for many birthdays to come!

My friend Lindsay W. made the delicious cake and cupcakes. I made the cute little pics on my cricut. I am so in love with these! I had to save some for the scrapbook. :) (If you click on the Bombolo Creations button on the right side of my blog it will take you to her blog. She makes some amazing cakes!!)
My flat-top cake pops.

Before the "destruction"I had hoped that she would dive in and make a huge mess of this cake, splattering it all over the walls, the floor, herself. No. Instead my daughter starts to pick the white frosting snowflakes off the top of the cake . . .
I finally had to dig her hands in there myself and it still didn't get that messy.
She got lots of great presents from her friends and family. Thanks everyone!
Grandma DeEtte gave Sasha her first piece of luggage. I love it!
Just about everyone at the party.
Thanks to everyone that came. My little girl sure is loved!

Ride 'Em Cowgirl!

Grandma Lilly gave Sasha this adorable rocking horse and she loves to ride it!
I just love this face!

Major cuteness

This is about the messiest my kid gets. It's totally my fault that I will probably never have one of those pictures where she is covered from head to fingers in food because for some reason it just drives me crazy! But we were having fun and she did get a little messy . . . and she's getting to be such a ham! She gets the camera now and I can get her to smile pretty good for me. I love it!