Saturday, November 29, 2008

Monday is the day!

So either my child is too comfortable in the womb to come out or my body just does not want to go into labor. SO . . . the doc is inducing me on Monday morning. Yay! 7:30 is when I head in so hopefully by Monday night we'll be parents. Maybe she'll come in time for her dad to watch Monday Night Football. Ha! Either way, it looks like the end is in sight. Whoopee! I'll post pics as soon as the fun is over.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Trying my patience . . .

Like mother like daughter? Uh, yeah I think so. I'm never on time for anything, so why on earth should I expect my little one to be early? In all fairness she must take after both her parents cause Josh has time issues, too. (For those of you that know him know that there is 5 minutes and there is 'Josh 5 minutes'. Totally not the same thing.) So tomorrow is the 'official' due date but as of 9:30 this morning I am barely at a 3 and 50% effaced. My doc said that if nothing has happened by Saturday night/Sunday morning he will see me and strip my membranes again (oh boy can't wait for that- AGAIN!) and if all else fails he will induce me on Monday. Apparently Smoosh does not want a November birthday. Whatever. It's not that I'm miserable or being pregnant has been a horrible experience, it's just that I'm not a very patient person. I guess you could say I'm over being pregnant and ready for the next phase. But then that's alwasy been my problem . . . I get halfway through one thing and want to move on to the next. I did the same thing with college. And it's not that I really miss school, but it was a fun time. So in the meantime I'm hanging out with my little brother, scrapbooking, and just taking advantage of the 'me' time cause I know I won't have much soon. So there's the update. I'll keep you posted!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

oNLy THRee WeeKS LeFT!!!

I feel like a kid just waiting for Christmas to come! The only thing is, Christmas could be in three weeks or three days, so that's even worse! Yesterday's check up went fine, still no dilation so it's looking like it will be more than three days. :( Oh well, I can wait. I'm still not quite finished with her room, just a few details left to take care of, but for the most part, if she comes then we'll be (mostly) ready for her.

pregnancy calendar

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Meet Yolana

We had a great Halloween this year. First my mom had a party at her house so we stopped by there for a bit to get some chili and home made root beer. Then we headed to a party at Michelle's (she works with Josh) and partied into the night. Here are a few pictures. . . tell me what you think of our costumes.

First, a few of the options we went through before finding Josh's perfect costume . . .

I liked the Catholic School girl/early Britney Spears look, but Josh felt a little self-conscious showing his midriff.

A more business look perhaps?
Almost there, it's just missing something . . .

Sadly enough, Josh is wearing all my clothes! My skirt, my sweater, my necklace and even my red stiletto's! He looked great! We even painted his nails red to complete the whole look. And I must say that he has a great pair of legs. I was developing a complex by the end of the night, but at least I know between the two of us our daughters will have great legs. Oh boy are we in trouble!
Totally random! I ran into my great friend Chelsea at Michelle's party! I never in a million years expected to see her there, but it was great for both of us. Neither one of us knew very many people so we at least had someone to talk to! Great to see you beautiful girl!
So all in all we had a great night. Josh got about a million and one compliments on his legs and I was surprised at how many people asked if my pregnant belly was real or not! I was dressed as a devil, so I don't see the irony or humor in a pregnant devil. Maybe if I'd have gone with the pregnant nun like I wanted to (couldn't find a costume) I could see why people would ask. But anyway, it was funny. I almost thought I would have to pull up my dress just to prove to a couple people that it was real! Thank goodness I didn't have to do that . . . that might have been a tad embarassing.