Sunday, July 17, 2011

Some random stuff

Here's just some random things that I don't think I've posted before now . . .
Sorry if there are any repeats
Chris and Sasha hanging out in St. George

We redecorated Sasha's room a little and she's upgraded to a toddler bed . . . not sure if I did it too soon, but oh well. :)

Getting ready for the neighborhood Easter egg hunt around the circle. We love doing this every year with our neighbors, it is such a fun tradition!
Then Sunday we went up to Snowbird for Easter and some family ski time. It was a lot of fun and Sasha loves to ski! Her daddy couldn't be prouder!

This has not been my week . . .

It all started on Monday when Josh and I were on our way home from work. We had just picked up Sasha from the sitter and were headed home when I got pulled over for speeding on Legacy Highway. I am still so mad at myself! The last ticket I got was almost a year ago and after that fiasco I swore to myself that I would be more cautious when driving- and I have been. However I wasn't focused on the road like I should have been and was going too fast and got busted. Okay fine, so I have a ticket. Big deal right? Well it is when the cop comes back to your car and tells you that your license has been denied! I had some issues with that ticket last year and my license ended up being suspended. I got the ticket taken care of, but didn't realize that I had to go to the DMV to have my license reinstated. So it had been denied! Fortunately Josh was in the car with me and was able to drive home . . . . otherwise who knows what could have happened to me. So I went first thing Tuesday morning, paid the fine and got my license squared away.

Work has been crazy busy so the week absolutely flew by. Plus I had Keltsey's shower to work on so I was stressed about that as well. My awesome, beautiful, wonderful sister agreed to help me out Friday night and Saturday with the shower. So I was on my way to get her on Friday after work and accidentally hit a guy on a motorcycle. Ah! Fortunately we were at a stop, no one was hurt and there was just minor damage to his bike and even less to the Jeep. But still! I was so shaken up! Josh just got his motorcycle license so of course we've been more aware of bikers and biker safety at our house . . . until I haul off and run into one! Mandi was able to get a ride to meet me, calm me down, take me to get some food and help me finish the shopping for the shower. Oh and thanks to my friend Shaun who was so conveniently at his computer to help me look up the number to my insurance agent!

It sucks when you get into situations like this, but it does give you the opportunity to recognize the great people that you have in your life to help you out no matter where you are, what happens or what you need. I'm a very lucky person to have such wonderful friends and family to help me out at a moments notice. Oh, I also need to give a shout out to Clint who rescued Mandi and I as we were frantically getting everything ready for the shower and realized we needed a few things (like a shower gift!) and didn't have time to go to the store. Josh was also a huge help in getting the yard looking super pretty for the party.

Keltsey's Shower

Yesterday I threw a shower for my cute cousin Keltsey. I love this girl to death! She is so happy and full of life and always so much fun to be around. Her fiance Bryan is super cute and such a nice guy. I was very honored and happy to throw this party for her.

 Nancy, Keltsey and Bryan. (Kelts was wearing the cutest Bride to be shirt!)
 These little fruit tarts turned out amazing and were so simple!
 We played a fun game, making wedding dresses out of toilet paper. . . these girls got pretty creative!
 The two moms did pretty good . . .
 and the moms (Kelt's and Bryan's) for the best dress. It was pretty fun playing dress up with my cousins . . . I don't think we've done that in ages girls!
 ShaDee, Kylee and Sasha
 Kathy, Alyssa, DeEtte and JoDee
It was a really fun shower for a really fun couple! I couldn't have pulled it off without my sister Mandi. She was seriously a life saver (as always)!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Still alive and kickin'!

Hello blogland! We're still here, I promise. What's been happening since my last post . . . hmmmm. . . . well a lot I guess but not all necessarily note worthy.

We'll start with the biggest accomplishment. Josh is FINALLY a CPA!!! The paperwork just showed up.All tests are done and he is registered. It's all done!!! It's so refreshing to have that burden off his shoulders. He keeps talking about letting me throw him a party but he won't commit to a date (dorkfish!) which is probably okay because I have plenty to keep me busy this summer.

Oh wait! Summer is half over! NOOOOOOO!!! There's still so much I want to do!!! Crap!

Next weekend I am throwing a bridal shower for my cousin Keltsey. I am so excited for this! Well, I am excited for every party I throw, but I think I have some really cool ideas for this one and I'm hoping to step it up a notch. I usually throw the showers for my dads side of the family so they are subjected to all my schemes and ideas. Hopefully they like them? Well no one has taken my title as official shower-thrower for the family so I guess that's a good sign. :)

After that my next party will probably be the biggest party of my life. The best bash I have ever thrown. No detail will be overlooked. No expense spared. This will be the Best. Party. Ever. Who is this grand bash for, you ask?

ME!!!! :D

I turn 30 next month and I am EXCITED FOR IT!!!! 30 doesn't scare me for some reason. I'm excited for my 30's. 29 has been a rocky year but as I get closer to 30 things just keep getting better. So why the heck shouldn't I celebrate with a huge party? Okay, some might think I'm strange and wonder why I'm throwing myself a big party. Well I'm the party planner, right? And I think birthday's are a big deal. Everyone should feel special on their birthday. It's the day you were born. The day you came into this world and changed it forever so celebrate it for heaven's sake!

Okay enough about me, now on to the star of this blog. Sasha is so much fun! She jabbers constantly, loves to dance and watch Tangled. Her favorite song is "I Have a Dream" One of these days I will catch it on video but every time I pull it out she won't dance. So lame! But I'm sure she'll warm up to the spotlight soon enough. She's a lot like me when I was a kid- dancing in front of the mirror, always wanting to look pretty, loves to play outside in the sun. We're definitely signing her up for some dance classes here soon and I think she's going to love it.

So there's the update for now . . . . :)