Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Things that must go . . .

Wearing jeans or shorts to a wedding or a funeral. Have a little respect, people!

Monday, June 29, 2009

The loves of my life

Jumping Bean

Sasha loves to jump in her jumper. She gets so excited and jumping so much I'm afraid one day she's going to jump right out of it! I don't know if you can hear very well, but she gets laughing pretty hard, too. One night Josh had her in an absolute fit of giggles! I have yet to be able to recreate it for the camera, but I will! It is the best sound ever!

Here's a couple of other fun pics . . . the closest she gets to any sort of hair style. Besides, you don't officially have a childhood until your mom takes pictures of you in the bath.

Love this pic . . .

My cute husband

As you all know, Josh turned 30 last week! We were talking yesterday and I mentioned that I think 30 is when you have to really start being a mature adult . . . but then I told Josh that he could get by for a couple of more years until I hit 30. Will we both grow up at that point? Most likely not!

Don't worry, I'm not going to do the "30 things I love about my husband on his 30th birthday" bit, that's just not me. But there are a lot of things I do love about this guy. One of those being his pies. . .

This is his pineapple pie . . . sooooo good! He cuts the shapes out by hand. Kind of funny, but they add a festive touch! If you want to know how to make this get the Lion House Desserts cookbook. Page 67 I believe.

I also love the way he looks in a suit. HOT!!!

(Okay, so we know that he isn't the best at snapshots . . . but I love him anyway!)

So happy birthday and happy father's day Josh! It's great that we get to celebrate both in the same weekend, sometimes even the same day. Sasha and I are very lucky girls!

(In case you're wondering what he got for these great holidays, check the ticker at the top right of the page . . . he leaves for China in 21 days!!! Oh and he got a pair of shorts and sweatshirt from Sasha, and some money towards his new suits from his mom.)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Party Time! Excellent!

Last night we celebrated Josh's 30th birthday with some friends. We ate pizza, had a silly string fight, ate cake then went mini golfing at Cherry Hills. Thanks to everyone who came, it was lots of fun!!! Here are some pics . . .
Mason playing in the string

Mandee, Kate, Charly and Cam

Little Kate, all covered in string!

Natalie and Ann in a silly string war . . . just one of many that broke out.

Mandee doing her best to get the string out of her hair. Good luck!

Ann going after Dave with the silly string. This girl has a mean streak in her!

Ann and Madilyn

I love the look on Kate's face in this one. She is determined to cover her dad in string!

Proof that I actually was at the party!

The Cake: Nothing but Praline's N Cream ice cream from Baskin Robbins. Yum!

Let the games begin!

For golf we each couple kept their own score cards and all the girls kicked butt! Ann beat us all with 43, Mandee and I tied at 57, Josh had 63, Cam had 64. I'm not sure what Dave had, but the girls ruled! It was a ton of fun!


I cannot wait to sample all these yummy seasonings and the great food I will make to go along with them! I'm so excited!!! Thanks to everyone who came to my party! It was a lot of fun to hang out with you. I just might have to do another one!
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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lots to catch up on

I've been a horrible blogger lately . . . enjoy the updates!


May went by way too fast! Here's a few of the things we did last moth . . .

Josh's boss bought season tickets to Real Salt Lake and we've been able to go to a couple of games. It's been lots of fun. It took Sasha a couple of games to get used to it, but I think she will ultimately end up being a sports fan.

A few weeks ago I took Sasha up to North Canyon Park for a little adventure. Josh was riding his mountain bike up to the B in Bountiful so Sasha and I went to the park. Our adventure was cut short when I realized that the jogging stroller had a flat tire! I was so bummed because the weather was beautiful. Not too hot, not too cold, it was perfect. We just didn't make it very far. But we still had a good time. My mom made the cute hats she is wearing in the last picture and the one below. My mom has been taking Sasha on Friday's and they usually have some little sewing project to work on. Hopefully Sasha will pick up the sewing bug young from my mom, unlike I did. Now I don't have the time to even learn how to sew!
Just up the street from my house is a great little consignment shop called Second Chance. They have a lot of really cute clothes in there! My mom and I went there a couple of weeks ago and found this cute little dress for Sasha. Of course my mom just had to buy it and Sasha had to wear it to church the very next day. I think she looked pretty darn cute. Then again, there isn't much that my little snug a bug doesn't look cute in!

She's just such a happy kid! I love it!
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6 months old!

I can't believe my little Sasha is over 6 months old!!! We had her 6 month check up a little over a week ago. Here are the stats:
Height 27 inches
Weight 13 lbs 14.5 oz
All in all, she's doing good. She's a lightweight, that's for sure, but she's growing. She's eating lots more foods now so that should help. She's my beautiful, smart girl and I love watching her grow. I love her bright eyes and big, toothless smile. I couldn't have created a more beautiful child if I had been able to pick her features out myself. She drools like a leaky faucet, but no teeth coming through yet. I'm sure they'll come popping through soon!
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My Big Girl Chair!

Sorry for the motion , I had the camera on the tray of her chair and she kept kicking it! She loves to eat in her big girl chair. She likes fruits more than she likes vegetables. So far we have tried applesauce, pears, peaches, prunes, sweet potatoes, and carrots. She makes the funniest smacking noise when she eats, I just love it! Enjoy the little video!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Don't get tired yet!

1. Start Laundry
2. Make Brownies
3. Eat breakfast (something besides licking the brownie batter bowl)
4. Change Sasha
5. Feed Sasha
6. Get Sasha dressed
7. Wake up the teenager (Chris)
8. Clean up the kitchen
9. Switch out laundry
10. Wake up the teenager
11. Shower- wash hair, shave legs
12. Blow dry hair and attempt to make it look good to last
13. Get dressed
14. Wrap presents
15. Pack Sasha's bag for the day
16. Head to JoDee's baby shower
17. Eat, play games and enjoy family at the shower
18. Come home to pick up Josh
19. Drive to Springville for Mishelle's wedding
20. Dance, eat cake, congratulate the bride and groom, mingle with friends
21. Drive back home
22. Change clothes
23. Pick up desserts, bubble wand, pinata, camping chairs and blankets
24. Head to Cam's for the EQ BBQ
25. Cook, eat, get to know the neighbors better, play, watch a movie on Dave's house
26. Change clothes
27. Put Sasha to bed
28. Switch out laundry
29. Get music ready for Primary
30. Get notes ready for Stake Olympics meeting at 8 am
31. Get clothes ready for Sunday
32. Shower
33. Set the alarm
34. CRASH!

That is my day today. Should be great!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Another great site!

For all you scrappers, card makers and stampers out there, this is a blog you MUST check out! Today they posted the cutest idea for Father's Day Cards (or really a card for a guy anytime). I'm posting a link under My Favorite sites too.