Sunday, August 5, 2012


I think that about does it...catches you up on us to date. In pictures at least (see posts below). Sassy started swimming lessons again and she is LOVING the water! She is getting so good at putting her head under water, floating on her back and swimming end to end (with floaties of course) in my mom's pool. I love watching her grow in her confidence. I'm also looking forward to putting her back into dance in the fall. I decided we'd take a break for the summer, but I'm sort of regretting it. She really does love to dance and is getting pretty good. I love driving around with her and watching her groove to the music in the back seat. Just more proof that she is my Little Miss Sassy Pants.

Pioneer Day

Went to the Bountiful Parade this year, and it was great!

Violette, Oliver, Penelepe & Sassy

I just thought this one was cute. 

Ryan & Des...cutest couple ever!

Always get choked up when the flag comes by. 

This guy was handing out Lion House rolls...I wonder if he survived the entire route?

I just liked their sign

Sweet baby Sylvia

The beginning...
 I'm not sure who came up with the idea, but they asked for 2,000 young men ages 12-18 to march and represent the 2,000 stripling warriors from the Book of Mormon. It really was incredible to see this many young men gathered and marching together.
 I loved the kids in these pictures. It always melts my heart to see young kids helping each other out like this, making sure that everyone is included and gets a chance to have good experiences like this.

You seriously could not see end to end, the line of boys walking. It took about 5 minutes for them all to go past. It was really incredible.

Family Update

For those of you that know my family and my brothers I thought you might like to see how we're all looking and doing these days. For those of you that don't...well, here you go! Meet part of my family...

Ryan & Deseree's family

Oliver (9) aka Bolly-Wolly-Oliver (don't ask me where that came from)

Penelepe (6) aka Peepers

Violette (3) aka Mayhem (to Sasha's Chaos), Missy Violette

Scott & Shila's family- aka the Canadian branch

Shaeylyn (15) aka Sha-nay-nay

Haley (10) aka Halers (this girl absolutely KICKED MY TRASH at Phase 10. So. Not. Cool.)

Nolan (8) aka Rolly-Poly-Nolly (okay so he's not nearly so rolly-poly now, but he was as a baby!)

Me & Miss Sassy Pants

Sasha (3) aka Chaos, Miss Sassy Pants

My Mom with her kids and grandkids- first time we've all been together in FAR too long

This is everyone that could make it to the cabin. Ryan, Sylvia, Deseree' , Erik, Rich, Mom, Scott, Me, Sasha, Shila, Shaelyn, Oliver, Penelepe, Cache, McKenzie, Chris, Haley, Nolan and Violette. 

Coeur d' Alene

I'm sure my family is not thrilled that I have yet to send them all 546 pictures I took on our 4th of July trip to Coeur d' Alene, so I'm going to post them all here.


But I will post a few highlights. It was a really great trip, very relaxing and I even got a tan! It's been YEARS since I've had a decent tan (stupid full-time job and adult responsibility)

Uncle Scotty's hair salon
 The view of the river from the deck of the cabin

 Minute to Win It much fun!

 At the Coeur d' Alene parade...
 This was the most interesting parade I think I've ever been too. This band had about 150-200 people in it, all dressed up in different costumes. Awesome.
 The Blazin' Diva's...
 Cooling off after the parade with some Hawaiian Ice
 On the boats, headed to the lake to watch the fireworks. Gotta love my mom's glasses! (Mom, don't disown look cute!)
 Scott & Shila
 More rides on the boat
 Erik & Tuffer...TUBE WARS!
 Me, just after my 'graceful' swan dive right into the 60 degree lake. I was trying to get on the tube and instead when right over top of it and down into the water. COLD! Come on, give me a break, it's easily been over 10 years since I've been tubing on a lake!
 Another cute shot of my little water babe...

 Miss Sassy Pants wanted to swim between the boats. I probably wouldn't have even gotten in the water if not for her. I'm not exactly what one would call a 'good swimmer' and well...lakes and other large bodies of water with 'creatures' living in them kind of freak me out. But I did it anyway, and it was a blast!
 WHAT?!?! Chris holding a baby?!?! Fortunately it's just baby Sylvia (Ryan and Des' youngest). But it was pretty cute. (I'm sure he will be stealing this picture to add to FB so he can impress the ladies with his 'sensitive side' ha ha!)
Such a fun trip!!!

I know, I know

I completely suck and haven't posted in forever. Seems like this time last year I did a post ranting and raving that it was already August and I hadn't posted in forever. I'm working on it, I promise!