Tuesday, September 30, 2008


So I have this overwhelming urge to blog, but nothing real specific to blog about. So here are just some random thoughts from the mind of a pregnant woman. Brace yourself.

I have to say that I am overwhelmingly happy right now. It could just be hormones, but I don't think so. I have a wonderful husband, a nice home, a baby on the way and life just seems to be good. Sure there's the occasional bit of drama, but that just makes things interesting, right? I have such a great network of friends that are so insanely good to me. I hope I am as good to them as they are to me. I certainly do my best to treat them like the beautiful, wonderful, rockin' women that they are.
I do miss my husband, just a little. He works so hard for our family. Right now it's tax season part 2 for him so that means late nights and a few Saturdays, which sucks. He is almost as busy in September and October as he is in March and April. But that's a good thing because it means that his job is stable and we don't have to worry about him losing his job anytime soon.
I'm really excited to be a mom. I'm not nervous, not really anyway. I'm a little scared for the whole labor and delivery thing, but only because I've never done it before. Taking care of a baby is not a worry, done that before. But the labor thing- totally new. But I'm excited. I mean, there really is nothing to be scared of. Millions of women do it every day and survive. So I'm not worried. It will be awesome to go through a totally new experience. I'm actually more interested to see how Josh does. My cute husband. He's is totally afraid of needles. He has to lay down just to get a flu shot! What is he going to do when he sees the epidural needle? Even though it won't be going in his back, he's still going to freak out. Watching him will probably distract me from everything I'll be feeling, which might be a good thing. Guess we'll just have to see.
I have the coolest little brother. Chris is the best teenager I have ever met. He gets good grades, he isn't a hooligan or trouble maker, and he has girls crawling all over him! It's so funny! He also helps Josh and I around the house a TON! Josh has gotten so many projects around the yard done this summer, and they wouldn't have happened without Chris. Thanks bud!

Okay, that's all for now!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Mark Your Calendars!

Hey all you girls that love to scrapbook or make cards, I'm having a Close To My Heart Scrapbook party on Tuesday October 14th at 7 pm at my house. It will probably be my last party for quite a while since the Smooshster will be here soon. I'll be sending out an email invite soon, but wanted to let you know in advance. If you want to come, leave me a comment and I'll be sure to get you an invite! Don't forget that Christmas is coming so if you have any scrappers in your family you can get great gifts for them! Can't wait!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Two Lucky Girls

Me and Smoosh have got to be the luckiest girls in the world! Saturday Amberly and company threw me a shower at Heidi's house and it was so much fun! I can't believe all the great stuff I got to bring home with me. Without these great friends I would be so unprepared . . . and so uncoordinated! I have all these great outfits and accessories that will coordinate so well. Smoosh will be one stylish little chick!

Thank you SO MUCH to Amberly, Heidi, Tara, Whitney, Ann-Charlotte and Mandi for all the planning and hard work. And thanks to everyone that came!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Hey Friends!
I created a blog for my caramel apples. If you want to order any click on the "My Gourmet Caramel Apples" link under "Some of my Favorite sites. Can't wait to start making more yummy creations!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Great Weekend

So this weekend was lots of fun. Between buying a new car, hanging out with friends and attempting to get in some relaxation we had a great weekend!
Friday afternoon Josh's boss told him that his little white Chevy was. . . well, he pretty much told him it was embarrassing! For those of you that don't know, we had bought a nice, shiny, brand new car a year ago in May but when I didn't sign some commissions I thought I was going to get, we started to get a little panicked with the payment and realized that our eyes were a bit bigger than our wallets. Plus we were working on little Smoosh and decided it would be best to just trim every expense back as much as possible. So we bought our little truck. Josh loved his little truck, they had bonded. Recently Josh has been working with a client in Park City that is selling her business so he has been working with auditors from Tanner and Co. in SLC. You might know that they have a very nice office downtown and are a very professional firm. Last week they called Josh's boss/partner and told him that they were very grateful that Josh was on this project with them, he is very smart and was great to work with- but was Simon paying him enough? They wanted to know what was up with the P.O.S. truck he drove around! So Simon was nice enough to offer Josh a car allowance so that he could buy a car that was 'a better representation of the firm.' So off we went car shopping. Saturday we ended up at Harrison Imports on 2600 South in Bountiful (really great guys there and nice cars, too, if you are in the market) and there we found what Josh had been looking for. You see, Josh has wanted a bullet bike since the day he knew what one was. He has also been wanting to get another Jeep like his CJ he had in high school. Well this little beauty was the perfect combination of both. . .

It's a 2005 BMW Z4. A cute little car, don't you think? Now I know what is going through many of your heads right now . . . "You are about to have a baby, what on earth are you thinking buying a two-seater convertible?" Well people, we're going to be parents, not dead! Besides we still have the fun, family-friendly Jeep. And we were going to keep the truck so that Josh could still take it skiing or mountain biking, etc. Anyway, Josh was struggling with the decision and finally decided "Oh what the heck, I'm going for it anyway!" We got a really good deal on the car (hello, buying a convertible in Utah in September- of COURSE they wanted it off their lot!) and the guys even agreed to let us have it for the weekend and if we changed our minds we could trade it for something else on the lot. So Josh took it to work today and lets just say his boss was less than thrilled with the wow-factor of the car and thought it was a little over the top. Are you kidding me? Who wouldn't love that car! But, since his boss is footing the bill Josh decided not to argue and, very reluctantly, took the car back. But the day ended well- we found a great Toyota Tacoma on the lot, and Josh gets to replace the lil' ol' Chevy and upgrade to a much nicer truck. He still has a car to throw the ski's or bike in and his boss was happy that it's nicer than the Chevy.

I'll get a better pic when it isn't midnight and I'm not in the garage in my skivvies!
Rewind to Saturday night. We had a great time at dinner with the Box's and the Mortenson's. Probably one of our last nights out for a while since it's raining babies. Sabrina is due in just a few weeks and we all knew we had to get out. Plus we hadn't seen each other in so long, date night was long overdue! Here we are after a yummy dinner at Tepanyaki!

Sunday we took advantage of the great fall weather and went for a drive up to Park City to check out the leaves. Unfortunately not a lot of leaves have changed yet. Oh darn, guess I'll just have to spend another relaxing Sunday cruising around with my hot husband. My life is horrible, I don't know how I'll survive. ;)

So if you know of anyone in need of a cheap little truck have them contact me. I'll be posting it on KSL tomorrow.

How Do You Like Them Apples?

Wow, blog advertising really works! I've had a lot of you start asking for apples so here's the skinny:
The cost is $5.00 per apple. If you only want caramel the cost is $4.50
Topping choices include:
White chocolate with cinnamon and sugar
Milk chocolate drizzled with white, milk and dark chocolates. Nuts are optional.
Dark Chocolate drizzled with white, milk and dark chocolates. Nuts are optional.
White Chocolate drizzled with white, milk and dark chocolates. Nuts are optional.
Basically I can do any combination of the above. The nuts I typically use are walnuts. I can also top the apples with crushed oreo's, graham crackers, candy bars, peppermints, candy canes, whatever you can think of! If you have something specific that you would like please leave a comment and I will see if it is possible. Most things are pretty easy, but depending on your request there could be an additional charge, but I will let you know before I make the apples for you.
The apples come wrapped in celophane with a ginger cookie on the bottom. The ribbon used to tie it closed will match whatever the current season is (Halloween, Christmas, etc).
Boss' day is coming up on October 16th and what boss wouldn't LOVE a sweet treat like this! Get your orders in now. These also make great Christmas gifts for friends, family and neighbors and I am taking orders for Christmas now (you won't need to pay until the apples are delivered). Unfortunately I cannot ship the apples so I will either have to deliver them or you can pick them up. Once they are complete then we can make those arrangements.
Anytime I have an order with apples left over I will post a note on my blog with the apples that I have for sale, so be sure to check back and see what I have!
You can place an order by calling me, emailing me or leaving a comment on the blog. Be sure to leave me a way to contact you in your comment. Oh, and tell your friends!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Who's that girl???

Below are the much anticipated photos of my new hair cut and ever expanding belly! Apologies to those of you that checked back yesterday to see these, but the internet was down at our house. So not only could I not work (let me tell you sad THAT was) but I couldn't blog either. So here they are . . .

And the belly . . .

She's growin' and kickin' and doing well. Now I just have to get her room put together! This is coming up so fast I feel like I am not even close to ready. We have a bunch of stuff (and much more coming) but right now it's all piled up in her room and not organized, so I'm feeling slightly chaotic. Gotta get Josh to paint that room, but he's been so busy with work (didn't get home until 2:30 am last night) that I'm about to just do it myself. Anyone up for a painting party at my house? :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I am such a good wife

Okay, I'm about to brag about myself a little because . . .well, I rock as a wife. Ok, so I'm not June Cleaver and my husband doesn't come home every night to a perfectly clean house and a delicious three course meal, but he is well taken care of. And when Josh asked me to make my gourmet carmel apples for his Sunday School class last week I said sure. I made the best dang apples you have ever tasted. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory has nothing on me and my mad chocolate skills! Here's a few pics for you to drool over . . .
Phase one . . .

White chocolate with cinnamon and sugar . . .

Milk chocolate, white chocolate and oreo's

Yeah, they taste as good as they look. In fact, I'd say better. And if you want some I'm going to be selling them. First for Boss' Day (October 16th) then for Christmas. I'll start taking orders soon and leave instructions on here if you want to order one (or more). If you want a whole batch for something - party, family gifts, business gifts, etc.- I'd be happy to do that too, just let me know!
Oh, and did I mention that in addition to being an awesome wife, I'm dang sexy too? Tomorrow I will have pics of my growing belly and my hot new haircut!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Another Tag

Okay, so I KNOW I should be working, but I just can't bring myself to do it. So I'm doing this instead . . .
20 Years Ago
1. I was in 3rd grade at Knowlton Elementary with the best teacher ever- Mrs. Holman
2. My BFF was Stefanie Robins and we were totally inseperable!
3. My mom made 80% of my clothes

10 Years Ago
1. I started working at the same company I am at now
2. I was a Senior at BHS and President of the Debate team
3. I was dating Josh

5 Years Ago
1. Josh and I had been married for three years
2. I was earning my BA in Communications at Weber State University
3. We had just bought our first home- our condo in Layton

3 Years Ago
1. I got promoted to my current position in Sales at FIS
2. I had a boob job. Relax it was a reduction!
3. I graduated from WSU!!!
1 Year Ago
1. We were settling into our house in Farmington
2. Went to Huatulco, Mexico on vacation
3. Bought and sold my dream car . . . le sigh

This Year So Far
1. Got Pregnant!
2. Went to Disneyworld
3. Been to Oregon 4 times for work

1. Worked from home
2. Totally caved and had a cable box installed in my bedroom
3. Took a warm bath . . . anything to relieve this awful back pain!

1. Drank something kind of like Orange Fanta for breakfast
2. Had blood drawn for my glucose test (Which I'm happy to report was normal, but I'm anemic so I have to start taking iron supplements. Otherwise Josh will make me eat liver. Ew.)
3. Done as little work as I can possibly get away with!

1. Work from home again
2. Get my hair done
3. Find some way to fill my time while Josh plays Ultimate frisbee with friends.

Next Year
1. Get a new job or start a business
2. Find a way to sneak my two month old through the airport to take her with me to my sales meeting in Disneyworld without getting her sick ;)
3. Buy Josh a motorcycle and me an Infiniti

Now I tag: whoever feels inclined to do this!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


A few of my favorite things . . .

Okay Staci, I'm taking your tag challenge!

My Three Favorite... Tag
What are the last three things you purchased?
1. Cute new clothes
2. Groceries
3. Gas

What are the last three songs you downloaded to your IPOD?
1. I have no clue
2. I have no clue
3. I have no clue

What are your three favorite movies?
Don't have JUST 3 fav's. But here are 3 of the many favorites!
1. Breakfast at Tiffany's
2. Casino Royale
3. Legally Blonde

What are three things you have not done yet?
1. Showered (working from home today!)
2. Been to Europe
3. Had a baby

What three things can you not live without?
1. Josh
2. Family
3. Carnation Instant Breakfast and Milk

What are your three favorite dishes?
1. Chicken DeVan
2. Spaghetti
3. Roast Beef with Mashed Potatoes and Gravy and Corn on the Cob

What are your three favorite TV shows?
1. Project Runway
2. The Office
3. CSI (Vegas and Miami)

What are the last three places you have traveled to?
1. Las Vegas
2. San Diego
3. Portland

What are your three favorite desserts?
1. Ice Cream
2. Cheesecake
3. Brownies

What are three things you would buy if money was not an issue?
1. An Infiniti FX or G35X
2. A motorcycle for Josh (okay, before you all freak out and think I'm insane for letting my husband have a motorcycle, I long ago gave up trying to stop him from doing crazy stupid things and since he's still alive I'm sure I can trust him on a bike.)
3. A vacation home in Hawaii

If you could have three wishes, what would they be?
1. That I didn't HAVE to work
2. To have a million dollars
3. To take a month long vacation in Europe with my husband

Three People I Tag:
1. Whitney
2. Sierra
3. Mandy
(the only three I can think of that might really do it!)

And three more people I tag:
1. (Your name here)
2. (Your name here)
3. (Your name here)