Friday, October 30, 2009

Family Picture Preview

My cute friend Kasey took our family pictures yesterday. She was sweet enough to send me a sneak peek today!!! I can't wait to see the finished product.

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Thursday, October 29, 2009


Sasha's new past time . . . climbing the stairs. Oh joy.

Mini Session

I hit the Garden of Art Show about 6 weeks or so ago with my mom. There was a cute girl there doing mini sessions for $10 and you got two shots. Well, you know I just had to jump on that! Her prints are SUPER expensive ($20 for ONE 5x7. Am I crazy or is that expensive?) So I took pictures of the pictures so I could post them. Tried to scan them but I don't understand my stupid scanner. Maybe it's because I don't have Adobe? I dont' know. But these were just too danged cute not to share.

I just love this toothy, happy grin she gets. And she always finds the smallest, most intricate things to pick up and she inspects every inch of them. Oh how I wish I knew what was going on in that cute head of hers!!!

Now I finally feel like I have enough pictures to start hanging them on the wall. I'm going to hang them in random places too small for paintings and going up the stairs. Yipee! And tonight we get our family pics and her one year pics done. I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY!!!
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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Some random stuff

Some random pictures from this month . . .
Strolling around 25th street
My girl is a shopper! She is totally scoping out this Restoration Hardware catgalog- I love it!

Halloween Apples

Here are some of the yummy apples I made this last week. . . .

And our newest addition- Whistler Blackholm (like the Canadian ski resort.) This one has milk chocolate, topped with marshmallow cream and graham crackers. I think the marshmallow looks like an avalanche. :)


Whitty and I hit another class at Heartland Paper last week. This time we made these cute blocks to spell out Twilight. We had tons of fun, but forgot to take pictures this time. Dang!
We're doing another class tonight making a super cute Turkey for Thanksgiving!

First Jazz Game

A week or so ago we took Sasha to her first Jazz game! She loves to watch it on TV and now that she's a bit older than last season we decided to take her to a live game. I love it when she goes to really new places. She puts her hands up, bent at the elbows and doesn't put them down until she's comfortable with where she's at. She loved the game. Can't wait to take her again!

Of course we went to Little America for dinner before the game. Yum! With all this snow I really want to go get some of their hot chocolate. The whip cream is the best!


Monday, October 12, 2009

Apple Time

Check out the updates at How Do You Like Them Apples

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sputtering utterings of a sleep deprived mom

All right, where is she and what have you done with her? Where is my perfect, sweet, goes-to-bed-by-ten, sleeps-straight-thru-til-7(hell, I'd take 6 at this point), happy-faced little girl? I want her back!!! Sasha had her first cold last week so it's been rough at night. She's over it now and I thought she'd go back to normal. NOT SO! Last night she screamed (screamed, not cried, screamed) for almost 2 hours! I can't take this! I need my sleep!

Okay enough about that . . . . some more strange and rambling thoughts that have been running around in my head. I need to get them out and this is the best place to do it.

Does the show Handy Manny seem a little racist to you? We've watched it the last couple of mornings and, I don't know, seems like only the white guy has any power. Hmmmm.

I can't stand Dora the Explorer. I get that kid shows are geared towards kids and meant to help them learn. But seriously, Dora talks to kids like they are idiots! They repeat the same thing 20 times before they move on. ANNOYING!!! Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the other hand . . . educational, fun and not nearly as annoying. Although Daisy's dance yesterday was a little simple, even for kids.

Speaking of the Disney channel- who the heck is this Darby chick? What happened to Christopher Robin? I don't like Darby. Sure, she's cute and not nearly as annoying as Dora, but I want good ol' CR back, thankyouverymuch.

It really sucks that I get sick eating swedish fish. They are my favorite candy and if I eat more than five I get a tummy ache. Lame. :P

I am pretty excited to go to California in December. We're going to Disneyland, too. Yay! Yes, I know Sasha is a little young but honestly, we're going more for our enjoyment than hers. Plus I have heard that Disneyland at Christmas time looks AWESOME!

I am feeling WAY behind on my Christmas shopping this year! Last year I was super organized and was almost done by this point. Mostly because I was pregnant and didn't want to leave anything to the last minute. So this year I am feeling very behind and totally lost on a lot of people's gifts. I'll catch up, I know I just need to buckle down and get stuff done.

I am having lots of fun planning Sasha's birthday party!!! I have lots of good ideas. I finally nailed down a color scheme and have most of the decorations planned out, now I just need to put the Cricut to work. And the invitations . . . those are going to take some time. I have an idea of what I want and found lots of cute examples, I just need to spend some time getting them made.

I also can't wait for our family pictures. I found the cutest outfit for Sasha (Thank you Gap!) and a really cute outfit for me (Thank you Kohl's!). (Un)fortunately Josh already has the perfect thing to wear so he won't be getting anything new. I don't think he feels left out though. Had lots of fun with Mandi the other night strolling around 25th Street in Ogden looking for some good spots for photos. They are going to look great, I just know it! I can't wait to print out a super huge one, get it framed and start hanging some pictures on the wall. I'm going to hang photos on the wall going up the stairs. I have a few pictures already framed and waiting, but don't want to start hanging them until I have enough to make it not look so sparse and skimpy.

People that abuse or are cruel to children should die. End of story.

I am sore from that Core Fusion class last night.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Alyssa's Wedding

On Thursday my cousing Alyssa got married. I am so excited for her! KC is such a sweet guy and you could just see on their faces the entire day how in love they are. They were sealed in the Draper Temple and the reception was at Wheeler Farm. The whole shindig had a western feel to it, but was still so classy at the same time.
Alyssa had the coolest lime green cowboy boots, dyed especially for the wedding. They were so cute!My Grandma Pat made her wedding dress. This thing is a work of art! I wish the pictures picked up the detail better, but GPat did a wonderful job.
I got to stay and help Alyssa out of her dress after they were done with pictures. It was very cool for me to be able to do that with her. I love this girl!
At the reception there were Root Beer Floats, a candy bar with gummies, taffy, M&Ms and more. She had a small cake for them to cut and the rest were cupcakes.
These cupcakes were amazing! There were about 6 different kinds and they were all frosted differently. They were yummy!
Sasha and Grandma DeEtte
Little family photo
Sasha dancing with her daddy. Don't you just love those tights?!
Congrats Alyssa and KC!!!

Cannon Beach

Last weekend I had a conference for work up in Cannon Beach, Oregon. We decided to be brave and take Sasha on her first airplane ride at 10 months old. She did great! I was really nervous on our flight up there that she was going to scream the whole time and completely annoy all the other passengers, but she didn't! She didn't sleep like I hoped she would, either. But she was a good kid. She loves to go to new places so I think she had fun. The weather on Saturday and Sunday was beautiful! On our way out to the beach from Portland we stopped at a couple of road-side farmer markets and got some fresh fruits and veggies to snack on. I had the best strawberries I have ever tasted! These even beat Costco strawberries! There were so juicy and just soft enough, not mushy. Oh! I wish I could have brought a flat of them home.
Cannon Beach is a cute little beach town with lots of fun shops and places to eat. We drove up the coast a little ways to Seaside and went to the aquarium there. It was small but there was some cool fish and stuff there.
Monday I had a meeting all day so Josh and Sasha went out and played on the beach a little. Sasha loved the beach!!! She had a lot of fun playing in the sand. I can't wait until we go to California in December, it will be so much fun.
Here are some pics from our little family trip . . .

Eating pancakes at McDonalds. This kid LOVES pancakes!

Haystack Rock was right outside our hotel window. Yes, this is the rock that was in Goonies, though in the movie they are looking at it from the other direction.
Sasha crawling around in the hotel room
Eating more pancakes at the Wayfarer restaurant. Josh took her there on Monday morning and she was entertaining everyone in the restaurant, clapping her hands, waving. This girl is a complete ham and loves attention!
Checking out some of the cool plants and things at the aquarium
They let you buy some fish to feed to the seals. Sasha wasn't real sure about them at first. Then one of them splashed her because she wasn't throwing anything in and then Sasha was done with the seals. These guys were pretty demanding. They figured if you were going to stand there and stare at them then you had better feed them something or else!

It was a fun trip, but it is definitely a different experience traveling with a kid!