Friday, February 18, 2011

Okay, seriously?

It's happening again . . . is everyone pregnant but me?!?! Argh!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Just another boring update

Hi friends . . . so I know that my blog has been super boring lately wtih no pictures, but I'm still trying to figure out how to clean out my picasa web albums. I've used up all the storage there and no matter how many I delete it still says my storage is full and won't let me upload pics. So annoying! If anyone has any tips for me on this I will gladly take them!

Sasha is doing great! She's definitely two! She learns at least two new words per day, makes the best animal sounds (my favorite is froggy and birdy), and is getting better at learning her colors. She's about 34 inches tall and weighs barely 24 lbs. She's tiny! When she's naked she looks like a little Ethiopian child. But the doc says she is doing good. She's had some viral bronchialitis (sp?) so that hasn't been fun. Last Sunday we took her up to Primary's cause the coughing and wheezing just wasn't going away. They did some breathing treatments on her and she's been doing a lot better. She's been using an inhaler and that has really helped a lot. Went to the doc for follow up today and he said all the gunk is just about gone out of her lungs. So it's not full on asthma, but she will likely be prone to these kinds of infections. That parts a bummer, but at least now we know. I've said it before and I'll say it again- I love being so close to Primary Children's and the wonderful hospital it is. Though I really don't like spending a lot of time there. :)

We're still waiting for the results on Josh's final CPA exam. It will probably be a couple more weeks until we know for sure that he passed. He felt pretty good about it, but with these exams you just never know. So we sit and we wait. He's fully immersed in tax season already, things have been pretty busy! Even with the delays on filing, thanks to our ever quick moving and efficient Congress (:o they are very busy at their office. Which is good, cause that means job security. We don't yet know if he will stay where he is after tax season but we'll be sure to keep everyone posted.

Not much has changed with me . . . I still really like my job. There are some changes coming with it but I think they will all be for the best. I love that my job is really flexible and allows me to be with my family and take good care of them when they really need me. I did really well on my sales last year and it felt good to finally achieve the goal that was set for me. Of course, compared to the quota I had at my last job the one I have now seemed like a cake walk! I did have to work hard to achieve it and I will have to again to reach it this year, but that's good.

I have to admit I'm kind of freaking out over this whole preschool thing. Okay, maybe freaking out isn't the right phrase, but it does kind of have me stressed. I know that we'll figure something out and we just have to make sure it's a good fit for Sasha. She's a smart girl. She loves to sing and dance too. I can't wait to get her into some dance classes!

We've been working on the basement. We had some water leak in last summer and ended up having to tear out some of the wall and carpet. So that set us on the path of taking out the ceiling tiles and pushing up the ceiling, putting in new lighting and repainting the whole room. We're just waiting on the new carpet to be installed and then we can start arranging the furniture and stuff in there. It should be a cool place to hang out once it's all done. I'll even get my own little craft corner. Yay!