Monday, June 18, 2012

Gracie's Birthday Party

Another fun party brought to you by DeEtte Reid! This time it was a tea party for Miss Gracie DeWaal and the girls had so much fun! My mom made them all super cute hats, they decorated picture frames, then had finger sandwiches, 'tea' (crystal light punch), fruit and cheese. Oh yeah, we threw a little dance party in there too! It was lots of fun and the little girls also got a mini-lesson in manners. It was pretty cute!

 Miss Sassy Pants, striking a pose...
 Their pretty party hats
 Decorating their picture frames

 The Birthday Girl...

The girls had lots of fun. Sasha even said it was her favorite part of the week!

Random catch-up

Hmmmm, let's see, what have we been up to lately. A lot and nothing all at the same time. Though good news- potty training: CHECK! It finally clicked! Though I cannot take, well any of the credit really, it all goes to my SIL Deseree' cause, well, she's just awesome like that. But I am so happy to not be throwing money away on diapers anymore!

Okay now for some pictures...

Sassy and two of her best buddes Maddie and Mason. These kids are HILARIOUS when they get together.
 Me & Sassy
 The beautiful Miss Sylvia Rue Sowell (Ryan & Deseree's newest addition.) I love being here and getting to hold this little darling all the time!
 In her blessing dress...
 Complete with cape. :) This is actually the dress my mom made and both of her sisters Violette and Penelepe wore this dress to be blessed also. It's so pretty!
 So continuing on with the theme of my awesome SIL Deseree'...not only does she produce beautiful babies and help me whip mine into shape, she is an amazingly talented florist. I mean A.Mazing. The pics below are of the Living Wall she created/built/planted/designed for her brother Ezra Lee (who just so happens to be an amazingly talented home builder). This house is in the Utah Valley Parade of homes, down in Traverse Mountain. It is such a cool house and this wall makes it so much cooler! To give you some perspective its 10 feet x 10 feet, the black piping you see around it is a sort of irrigation system to keep the plants watered. Yes they are real plants.
 Not sure what these leafy green things are, but they sure are pretty.
 This is about $2,000 or so worth of succulents. Yes, just the succulents alone cost that much!
 This is all moss that she laid out at the top. The light stuff in the middle is bark. I think it adds a cool texture to the whole thing.
Like I said...she's amazing! She planted everything the week before she had Sylvia and put the wall up when the baby was only a month old. Nuts? Yes.

So if you know anyone getting married that wants to have the most amazing and beautiful flowers at their wedding, let me know because Deseree' is awesome and she will give you a really good price, too. :)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Pool time!

FINALLY convinced my mom to clean out the pool at her and Rich's house. Yay! Except the heater wasn't working and the temp in the pool was 64 degrees! Too cold for this beach baby! But of course that didn't stop the kids...
 Sassy and Violette
 Oliver and Penelepe

Hopefully next time (like, I don't know...tomorrow?) the pool will be a bit warmer. :)