Saturday, April 7, 2012

Egg hunt #1

In our old neighborhood, one of the best parts about living there was the annual Easter breakfast and Egg Hunt. Twenty some-odd years ago a couple of girls in the neighborhood decided we should have a neighborhood egg hunt and everyone should put eggs in their yard and let the kids walk around the circle and gather the eggs. The tradition stuck and Sasha and I were invited back this year (and hopefully every year!) to join the festivities. We have a delicious dutch oven breakfast, muffins & pastries galore, an Easter Bonnet contest and there is a drawing for a fabulous Easter basket. It's really a great chance to get out and mingle with our neighbors.

The traditional picture with all the kids 12 and under that get to gather eggs
 Sassy's helpers Katie and Serena

 A blue egg!!! (Blue seems to be the favorite color lately)
 A bucket full of treats and two happy girls!
Great to see all the neighbors again. Can't wait to go back!

Happy Birthday Andra!

My cute friend Andra had a birthday! She invited Sassy and I to join friends and family up at Farmington Pond. And of course I annoyed everyone by bringing my camera. ;) Here's a few shots from the festivities...

 What's a party without a round of Duck, Duck, Goose?
 Sadie, busting a move!
 Sadie and Andra (the birthday girl)
 Me & Sassy

 Sadie, Angel, Andra, Heather and me
 I'm not sure exactly how much sugar she ate that night, but between S'mores, Oreos, cupcakes and M&M cookies, I'm guessing it was A LOT!
And it was all fun & games until Sassy poked her eye out. :( She was playing with a stick and hit herself in the face. Brilliant. We ended up at the instacare and she has a small scratch on her eyeball. I could barely get her to let the doctor look at it, let alone get her to let me take a picture. But she's healing up great and doing just fine. All part of growing up.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tie-dyed Eggs

Saturday during the priesthood session my mom, Des and I decided to experiment and Tie-dye (literally) eggs for Easter. My mom found a tutorial online (I'd link to it for you, but well I'm just not savvy enough to know how to do that) for dying eggs with neck ties. Mind you, they have to be 100% silk, but the end result can be pretty cool...

 You wrap the eggs in the ties then wrap them in some other type of rag so that the colors don't run too much
 Then you boil them in water and vinegar for about 20 minutes
 And voila!
 Obviously some turned out better than others, but you can see the patterns from the ties on the eggs. SO COOL!

 Oh yeah, and Des made S'Mores cookies. Y.U.M.
I'm going to get fat living in Bountiful. Between Des' cooking, her great treats, Einstein's, Parson's, Kneaders, Pace's, Robintino's and Orange Leaf all within a 2-5 minute drive. I am so screwed!


Okay so once I master my super nifty camera my plan is to tackle photoshop. But in the meantime I am LOVING the latest release of Picasa (type Picasa into Google and you will find it) If you don't know what it is, it is a simple and easy way to organize your pictures and it also has some editing tools as well. I'm sure it's NOTHING compared to photoshop, but for someone like me it totally works!

So remember the pics I posted last week? Well, here they are again, tweaked just a little. I love, Love, LOVE them!

 I love her attitude in this one...

Can't wait for Easter!