Monday, November 19, 2012

Wedding...Part 2

Let's get this party started!!!

The reception was at Eldridge Manor in Bountiful. A really pretty place, I had never been to a wedding there before. Kenz wanted a romantic, vintage and elegant feel to everything....and we definitely pulled it off!

More pictures....

 Of course the beautiful Miss Sassy Pants. She was so happy that I finally bought her a dress that twirled. Apparently I've been slacking off in the twirly dress department.

 My Mom and I were in charge of the centerpieces for the tables. Thanks to some instruction-via-skype from Des in Iowa we were able to make the flowers look cool.

 Me and Miss Sassy Pants. Boy was she on one that night!
 Mom and I were NOT in charge of the rest of the flowers...thank goodness because if we had been we probably would have been pitching in to buy Des a plane ticket back here! The florist did a great job.
 I really liked the bout's (I can't spell the whole word so I'm not even going to try). I love how simple they were. Those dahlia's were gorgeous!
 Sweet Miss Gracie

 Chris and Billy
 Chris and Rachel
 Me, Chris and Mom
 There was a huge armoire with mirrors that the kids all gravitated to for a bit. Sassy was showing them all how to twirl properly.
 Oh Erik...
 Gracie, Ashley, Ellie, Billy and Banxton. Such a cute family!
Garrett and Holly....they're up next! 

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