Sunday, November 18, 2012

McKenzie's Wedding....Part 1

My cute, sweet step-sister McKenzie found the man of her dreams in Cache. These two are so stinking cute and will have gorgeous babies.
They were married on Friday in the Salt Lake Temple. I was glad that I was able to go.
Of course, I HAD to take my camera along and basically shadow the real photographer to get some good pictures. Hope she doesn't mind :)

I haven't made it through all the pics yet, but these are the ones from the Temple. Sassy was at school so you'll have to wait until the next post to see the 8 million pictures I took of her. :)
 Jocelyn and her son Talmadge
 Miss Gracie
 And Ellie bug!
 Me and mom
 Step-brother Garrett and his fiancee Holly (can't wait for the wedding in June!)
 Right before coming out of the temple. (We actually had to wait about 15 extra minutes for them to come out after they were ready...the poor photographer's car broke down on her way! But it was worth the wait)
 Mr. & Mrs. Cache Hawkes

 The family L-R: Me, Billy, Ashley, Jocelyn, Cache, McKenzie, Rich, Mom, Erik, Holly, Garrett. Kids: Talmadge, Gracie, Ellie (Chris was at work and Banxton and Sasha were at school. Jocelyn's husband Cody couldn't make it. He's doing his residency out in Fresno and couldn't get the time off.)

 The sisters: Me, Ashley, McKenzie, Jocelyn and Holly. WAY too much beauty in one place!

 Poor Tal did not want to be in any more pictures...he was done!
 Jocelyn and her cute baby boy, Tristan

 LOVE this pic I got of my mom.
More to come later...we can't forget the reception!

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