Thursday, November 8, 2012

Life update

So what's new with me? Well, if you want an ACTUAL update instead of just the polite and socially accurate answer of "Well, not a lot" because you don't REALLY want to know what's up with me, you're just asking to be polite....then read on my friends!

So in the spring I told you I was moving in with my brother and his cute family. This is them....

Things were great. Sassy loved getting to play with her cousins all the time. Des is a great cook so I was well fed. And it was nice not coming home to an empty house a lot. 

And then they moved. 

To Iowa. 

Freaking Iowa!!! 

Why you ask? Well, my brother (who is a therapist) found a great job with good pay and he can pay off those pesky student loans A LOT sooner than he would if he stayed here in Utah. 

So they moved. 


That's far. 

I miss them! 

But we're happy for them because Ryan is busy with work and the kids are doing great and really like it. 

So where does that leave me and Miss Sassy Pants? Well, fortunately the sweet folks that own the house Ryan was renting aren't ready to put it up for sale and agreed to let me stay for the same really great rent that they were charging Ryan. Which is definitely a HUGE blessing because when I looked for places to rent that were close or comparable to what I am paying now...well let's just say they weren't exactly the kinds of places I wanted to live. Or wanted my child to live in. Ever. 

The other bonus is that my youngest brother Chris...
(isn't he cute?)

...decided that, when you're 19, it's much cooler to live with your sister than your mom (no offense, mom, we  totally love you!), so he moved into the basement and is sharing the house with Sassy and I. It's pretty great having my little bro around to chill and watch football with. 

There's the latest on us. Catch you in another couple of months? Ha ha

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Brad and Jaclyn said...

Linds, Sounds like you and Sassy are doing well!! I love reading your blog! Even if you only update every few months! :) I'm glad things are working out for ya!! :)